The SeaTraceNet Discussion electronic mailing list was created in 2020 in the frame of the EU InterReg project SeaTraces, as an assistance tool for the seafood industry, academia and government.  The primary purpose of the mailing list is to facilitate the exchange of ideas and expertise within seafood traceability and labeling about the development, testing and implementation of new tools and standardised testing approaches for the verification of labels and checking of mislabeling and seafood fraud. Along with this, it is also intended to use this platform to raise awareness of stakeholders and consumers that labelling and traceability are essential to valorize and use Atlantic Area’s European fisheries and aquaculture in a sustainable manner. This traceability and labeling seafood research and extension tool is designed as an information exchange e-mail list to facilitate information sharing among seafood researchers, industry, regulatory, extension and academic personnel.

The SeaTraceNet discussion list shall consider as ACCEPTABLE content:

  • Seafood industry inquiries on traceability and labelling, processing, safety, and quality issues;
  • Inquires on genetic analytical standard operating procedures;
  • Seafood traceability and labelling regulatory inquiries and announcements;
  • Short announcements on seafood traceability and labelling conferences, short courses, publications, workshops, etc. with contact information or preferably a web address that has registration costs, etc.;
  • Information of job and career opportunities in the seafood traceability and labelling technology field.

The SeaTraceNet discussion list shall consider as UNACCEPTABLE content:

  • Commercial activity (promotion of products and services);
  • Cross posting of messages from other mailing lists or bulletin boards;
  • Provocation;
  • Political messages;
  • Violating copyright rights and laws and their fair use provisions involving inappropriate reproduction or dissemination of copyrighted text, images, etc.

Rule breakers will be prevented from future postings via the SeaTraceNet Discussion Electronic Mailing list. In addition, anyone who sends e-mails to the seafood mailing list that do not pertain or involve areas related with seafood technology will be automatically removed from the list of subscribers.

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